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Mar 23, 2013 12:30am PDT
, 2004, newly elected san francisco mayor gavin newsom, boldly, some said recklessly orders to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. >> we reignited a fundamental debate. >> scott: outside city hall, gays and lesbians lines up around the block. about 4,000 couples tied the knot. it was not to last. at the urging of then governor schwarzenegger, the supreme court stopped the marriages. over the years, it snaked its way through the judicial system. in 2008, ruling banning gay unions violated the state constitution. it cannot be denied based on it. >> so goes the rest of the nation. it's inevitable. this door's wide open now. it's going to happen. whether you like it or not. >> scott: the ruling triggered a wave of joyful weddings this time across the state. including the celebrated union of two long time lesbian activists together since the 1950s. it infuriated millions for proposition 8 to amend the california constitution and restore marriage to opposite-sex couples only. on the same night californians voted barack obama in office, they ovgot this vote back. >> they created th
Mar 16, 2013 12:30am PDT
keep accreditation. san francisco symphony fight over salary or benefits. >> we go on stage and we're judged. >> california's top judge calls on lawmakers to restore money to a court system crippled by budget cuts. >> i worry that california is on the wrong side. >> and a photo exhibition offers an inside look at the impact of war on the iraqi citizens as the iraq war's tenth anniversary approach approaches. >>> good evening. i'm scott shaffer from kqed magazine. welcome to "this week in northern california." we begin with news in the week. joining me is josh richman, bay area news group and cy musiker and then andrea koskey. today, an important deadline for city college of san francisco to submit its plan to keep accreditation. last year, the accrediting commission gave the embattled community college 14 conversi controversial reforms and people rallied to keep college affordable. andrea, does this report go part of the way toward satisfying their demands? >> well, yes, it was about 290 pages that the administration turned in today. >> i haven't read it yet. >> as i read parts of it,
Mar 2, 2013 12:30am PST
news panel are carolyn said, "san francisco chronicle" reporter. jolie o'dell, venturebeat reporter. and andrew ross, "san francisco chronicle" columnist. earlier this evening president obama signed an order triggering automatic cuts in federal spending. this is because congress and the president failed to reach a deficit reduction deal. andrew, let's begin with you. how is california affected specifically? >> of all the states, california is affected in dollar terms the most. something like $3 billion to $4 billion this year out of total, at least, of an $85 billion first-year cut. the military is taking the biggest cut. california has a major military presence. mostly in southern california, but also, of course, in northern california around sacramento, and around monterey. that's going to be hit really hard, too. $87 million worth at least of education cuts, which means secondary education, some primary education, plus head-start, plus special education, there are all sorts of cuts coming through. will it affect the overall recovery in california? i think, perhaps, not so much, b
Mar 9, 2013 12:30am PST
road, and by the 1960s, early '60s, san francisco developers proposed building tens of thousands of new housing units on the hills behind pacifica, the hills behind the little towns along the san mateo coast. caltrans in 1960 drew up a plan for a six-lane freeway that would have gone right up over the top of the mountain, pacifica, to the airport at half moon bay. environmentalists started fighting. got it slowed down in a lawsuit in 1962 then jerry brown became governor and sort of stopped the project. it was stopped for a while. in the '80s, cranked it right back up again. as many folks may remember, the sierra club community for green foothills and others, in 1996, they finally won this battle with a measure they put on the ballot in san mateo county. measure "t" for tunnel they used to say. it passed 74% to 26%. it took a while to get the money. you know, this project is one of the major environmental victories in the last 50 years on the northern california coast. >> they've made it a real environmental project. so the walls on the outside, they actually took prints off of cliffsid
Mar 26, 2013 6:30pm PDT
including phoenix, las vegas and san francisco all with double-digit price gains. joining us now the co-founder of the case schuller index, robert schuller. he's also economics professor at yale university. you know, robert, a lot of people are looking at these statistics if you'ra i home buyer or home searle, you'll come away with conclusions and if you're a home buyer you're saying maybe this is the time to buy that house because prices are going go up and if you're a home searle, maybe rethink holding off before selling because you might get a better price. how should paid people strategize through this? >> it's very important to keep a distinction between the housing market and the stock market. momentum is much, much stronger in the housing market. so the fact that we just set a record on the dow means very little about the outlook for the stock market and that the increases we see in the housing market means a lot. it's not as efficient a market so this might be a time to accelerate a purchase of a home to get the increases that are likely over the next year. are you at all worrie
Mar 16, 2013 12:00am PDT
counterculture when it comes to kids. i live in san francisco and help manage youth soccer for kids. there was a movement that came out of the self-esteem movement. nobody keep track of the goals, because we do not want the kids to have an experience of losing, thinking that its guard them to lose, we made missing so taboo, -- thinking that it scarred them. it makes it more scary, not less scary. tavis: all of this sequestration mess of late. what would be most useful for members of congress on the left and the rights? stuck in what seems to be this hopeless dysfunction, what is the best takeaway about how to navigate the challenges that they face on behalf of the american people? >> i think it is exactly not looking at every vote as a zero sum game, that it is fatal to their political career and to their party. how can we make this particular bill or issue better? not actually be thinking about the winners or the losers. just looking at the substance of it, getting what you think is the best thing, but realizing there is not going to be -- real life is not winner-take-all. we all have win
Mar 20, 2013 6:30pm PDT
because when you look at these transcontinental flights, wh whr it's from san francisco or boston, the fares are about 50% higher than coach fares. this week, united airlines started changing out the business class on some of those transcontinental flights, putting in flat business class seats. there will be fewer in business class. and, by the way, the question becomes why are they doing this? it's all aut selling a higher per scentage of business class flights. what united has started, we're seeing now with other airlines following. later this month, we'll see the same from delta. later this year, american will follow. and then you have jet blue announcing that it will upgrade its transcontinental service with premium service next year. what do frequent fliers think about all of this? generally speaking, they like it. >> it's great. a lot of times, you have very, very long days. you can get rested up on these flights. >> i think it's nice if you can get the upgrade, you know. but for most people, it's going to be tougher with the airlines consolidating. >> and it will be tougher beca
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)